Monday, June 25, 2012

Nanny in New York

If you know me, you probably also know how much of a dreamer I am. You've heard all my crazy plans and watched me chase a lot of crazy dreams just to move on to another crazy dream. I had a bit of a wake up call recently what I realized that I am almost 20 years old and no closer to knowing what I want to be when I grow up than I was when I was 4. And when I was 4 I wanted to be a professional princess. (Ok, so I still think if possible ways for me to become an actual princess, but that's beside the point.) I realized that I can chase dream after dream after dream, but if I dont find one that I love enough to finish and one that sticks (and pays the bills) then Im going to have some problems. SO. I have this new plan. One that may still be a little crazy, but hey, would you ever expect anything less from me?! :) You can probably figure out what this new plan is from my fun little title. Yes, I want to move to NYC and be a nanny. Im possibly graduating in the spring and I've always wanted to live in NYC for a year or so. What better way than to find a live in nanny job! It gives me a job and a place to live and keeps me from being completely alone in a giant city I've never been to before.  I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I've always been fascinated with New York. I've lived in the itty bitty town of Montevallo for as long as I can remember. The largest city Ive navigated on my own is downtown Birmingham and that hardly counts. The prospect of living on my own in this gigantic place I've neer been to has me speechlessly excited. I still have a year of school (possibly 2) and then I have to apply to jobs and get hired. There are still a lot of ifs and fuzzy places and Im not sure where the life plan goes from there, but thats ok! I apologize in advance if all I ever talk about between now and when I actually move is New York, but if you only knew how excited I am, you might understand. This is a rather new development in the life of me, but it's now what I want and what I am working for. If the plan changes, then it changes, but Im really hoping this one sticks :) Either way, itll be fun to look back a year from now and see what the plan actually turns out to be!


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